Alright! If you're here it probably means you have read Part 1 (The Why), and you want to know more about how to properly set up cloud-native developer environments. Great!

Let’s follow an example of an existing project team and how can we improve their development workflow.

This guide was written with GCP (Google Cloud Platform) in mind, but the same concepts can be applied to AWS as well.

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📖 Case Study

A company called MajesticFantastic has a few payment-related products 💸

The billing project team owns the development of a billing application.

It is composed of the following:

  • Few microservices deployed as…

In many cloud-based software development projects, a CI/CD process is designed and maintained for deploying applications in an efficient, safe, and productive manner to cloud environments.

The main focus around the CI/CD process is often on the cloud/remote side, but seldom we talk about the phase that comes right before CI/CD, which is the local development and testing done on the developer’s laptop.

In this article, I’ll show why many common methods for local development are far from ideal, and I’ll present a demo for an alternate, cloud-native approach which will improve your (or your developers’) productivity. 🌤

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👨🏼‍💻 Local Development

While there…

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